After over a year of updates and drawing pages, I’m finally able to print and share a complete book with all of you! Volume 1 will contain all four chapters of MSTF so far in one nice paperback edition. Right now, it is going to be about 100 pages. Nearly half of that will be bonus material like process stuff, extra images, activities, etc. The book features a GREAT collection of guest art by some very generous and talented artists. I can’t thank them enough for contributing. I will be featuring them all on the site in the coming weeks.


I am putting up a preorder for a few reasons – this is a much bigger book than my previous single issues, so this will help greatly with printing costs. I also want to make sure I order enough for dedicated fans, and collecting preorders will ensure that. As an incentive, I am including some limited-time gifts for those who take advantage of the preorder. Here’s the deal:

    All orders received by August 31 will receive an original full-color 5″x7″ painting featuring an MSTF character of your choice. They will be rendered in ink and watercolor on heavyweight bristol paper. Preorderers will also receive the ebook version of Volume 1 for FREE.

Thanks again for every single one of you readers and fans who have supported this comic and made it what it is thus far. I could not do this without you.