I am inching closer to launching Volume 2 of My Sister the Freak! I apologize to all you patient fans out there. Progress on this book has been a lot slower than I anticipated. All for good reasons though (work) – which means I will have lots of new projects to share this coming year, MSTF related and otherwise!

Anyway, I am happy to announce an OFFICIAL LAUNCH DATE! Volume 2 will start on TUESDAY MAY 29, 2012. It will update every Tuesday and Friday from that time forward.

So what do you have to look forward to until then?

Volume 2 Process

Although the comic won’t launch until May, I am still going to update the website twice a week. Every Tuesday and Friday, I will give some sort of sneak peek at the next story, whether that be concept art, sample panels, or script tidbits.

Facebook Fan Bonus

In addition to the regular site updates, I am going to give extra special content to my Facebook fans. I am going to use the fan page to post ongoing status updates, photos, and thoughts. I hope to post on a nearly daily basis, to give you a real-time look into the creation of the comic.

If you are not a fan of MSTF on Facebook, head on over there and “like” it to subscribe to the bonus updates!


The countdown begins!