Now you finally get to see what’s behind this door.

Some people have been asking me how I color my lines. I have this tutorial on my website here about prepping and colorizing linework.

HOWEVER, I actually don’t use much of those techniques for this comic. Recently I’ve been doing really quick line drawings directly in Photoshop. This is mostly just to use as guidelines and clean up the pencils. When I color, I actually end up painting over most of it, so they don’t work as traditional “inks” as you might know them for comic making. So in answer to the people asking this question – I don’t color my lines. I’m painting them directly onto my page that way. I do this because it is faster for me. Though other artists may prefer to work with the techniques in that tutorial I linked above.

Quick line:

Basic color, underneath the line:

Details added on top, where most of the lines are repainted: