The webcomic has now reached the end of MSTF Volume 2! I hope you enjoyed the story, or if you haven’t been reading, I hope you go back and check it out! Volume 2 ended up being more involved and epic than the first book, both story and art wise. I consider it my first true graphic novel that I’ve ever completed. I am proud of it and hope you can take the time to read it if you can!

On that note, Volume 2 is available in both paperback and PDF formats. It is also readable right here on the website for free, or on the MSTF Facebook page.

On a personal note, this also marks the end (for now) of a very long and intense personal project that I’ve been creating since 2009. I wrote a few things on my main blog about MSTF and what I’ve learned. You can check it out here if you haven’t yet.

The Future

I say this is the end because as of now, I have no plans for the online side of this comic. There are no more pages to update, no additional scripts written, and no concrete dates as to when you will see another MSTF story. That’s not to say there won’t be any more MSTF ever; just that if there is, it probably won’t be for a while.

Rest assured, I am not abandoning MSTF. I will still be selling books and going to shows. And I will continue to write more stories in this world, and perhaps seek a larger publisher for MSTF. But much of this stuff will be behind the scenes where you won’t be able to see it.

However, I will be taking this opportunity to create and share new projects. I thought the end of the book 2 would be a good milestone to reach a sense of completion and start working on new things. I will be continuing to make more comics and more art. MSTF may be on pause, but I am as dedicated and excited as ever to share more stories with you all.

Thank You

Every single one of you who have followed the comic, commented online, visited me at a show, bought a book, or sent me encouragement – there are no words to express what it means to me. Thanks so much.