Anyone who thinks comics aren’t for kids or for ladies hasn’t read Dani Jones’ webcomic My Sister, the Freak… My Sister, the Freak has a definite children’s book quality in its artwork. It’s an excellent match for the warm quality of the comic. As filled as the comic is with tentacle monsters and goofy alien critters, at its heart it’s about two girls who love each other very much, even if they don’t always get along. It’s clear that Allison and Mary will have to work together as a team if they hope to keep their corner of the world safe, even if each one kind of thinks the other is a freak.

Detroit News Geek Watch Blog:

I loved the playful, cartoonish art, which really seemed to fit the characters. And I love the coloring technique. I don’t know if Jones pulls it off on paper or in Photoshop, but the roughed-in style and subtle use of pattern really make this a stand-out book visually.

Of course, pretty pictures wouldn’t be worth anything without a good story, and “My Sister, the Freak” has one. Allison and Mary seem like perfectly normal siblings. Little sister Mary has a wild, imaginative streak, and Allison shows your typical teenage resentment when she’s forced to babysit. But when aliens come calling, it turns out one of the sisters is not who she appears to be.

So with great art, great characters and an adorable cat named Captain Bacon, you can’t go wrong.

Comics Buyer’s Guide Issue #1694:

It’s hard to believe that this book is self-published, given the high quality of the story, the art, and the production…

There are cute and funny moments, some of which are blatant, some of which are subtle. Jones… provides top-notch art… It would behoove another “all-ages” publisher to pick it up for wider distribution.”

The interplay between the two sisters is well-written and believable, and the complexity of their relationship… is slowly revealed and utterly compelling. It is clear that, like many family relationships, a bond exists between the two sisters that goes beyond familial love and it is this element of the characterisation which makes it easy for the reader to identify with the characters and the comic a joy to read.

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